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Palm Eos: Mini Palm Pre Coming End Of 2009?


Seems like another WebOS powered phone is coming from Palm before the year is out, and thanks to Engadget, we have a photo, a US network (AT&T) and a name, the Palm Eos.

Full specs follow, but is it me or does that screen angle relative to the buttons have a touch of the ‘M.C. Escher’s’ about it?

  • 4GB storage
  • Price: $349 (pre-rebate)
  • Camera: 2 megapixel fixed focus digital camera and flash / video capture
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 2.1 w/ A2DP and EDR, USB 2.0 via micro USB
  • Removable 1150 mAh battery (4 hours 3G talk time)
  • Messaging: SMS, MMS (picture and video only), integrated IM client
  • Contact sync with AT&T Address Book
  • MediaNet
  • Cellular Video
  • Email: POP3, IMAP4, and EAS support
  • A-GPS
  • Audio: WAV, MP3, AAC, AAC+ ringtones
  • Video Playback: MPEG4, H.264, H.263
  • Weight: 100g
  • 320 x 400 capacitive touch display

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Prepay Nokia E75 Now Available On O2 UK!


The E75 is certainly Nokia’s big business phone launch for 2009, and we got in a wide range of great Nokia E75 deals on the site at the end of last week.

The big news today is that we now have our first prepay Nokia E75 deal, allowing you to grab the high end device on an O2 Talkalot plan without committing to a long term contract!

The Nokia E75 is a sleek QWERTY slider device, complete with metallic accenting and an alphanumeric on keypad on the front to use the phone fully in either form, much like the classic Communicator devices.

The E75 promises a better work/life balance, with two entirely separate interfaces for whether you are on or off the clock. An entirely different home screen and menu means that you are not necessarily taking your work home with you, even though the E75 is always connected!

The E75 is equipped with Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g support as well as Bluetooth 2.0 and a micro-USB connector. A 3.2 megapixel camera with LED flash is beyond adequate for what is considered a business handset first, and the contract offers currently available are also very wallet-friendly.

600 minutes and unlimited texts for £29.35 will net you an E75 for free, and the 13 months of free line rental makes a 24 month O2 contract far more palatable!

We were huge fans of the Nokia E71, and still are judging by the number of them springing up in the office. Whether this gorgeous side-slider bests it or not is a matter for a future Omio review…

Vodafone Introduces 50p Daily Web Rates, Free Browsing Tomorrow!


Vodafone has introduced a new flat rate fee of only 50p per day to browse the mobile web, commencing on Friday 1st May.

To commemorate this, Vodafone’s ‘Freeday Friday’ campaign allows all Vodafone customers completely free access to the internet on their phones, for one day only.

So if you have been waiting for the perfect opportunity to watch the Eastenders Omnibus on BBC iPlayer, make sure you do it tomorrow!

Source: Mobile Entertainment

Samsung S7350 Classico Review!


There are more Samsung phones around than ever at the moment, making it a little bit easy to confuse them on occasion.

Now, this Samsung Classico which has been reviewed on Mobile Today should not be confused with the just-announced Tocco Lite touchphone, nor the Lucido (S7220) which is a sleek candybar device.

The Classico, as its name suggests, hearkens back to vintage Samsung circa mid-noughties when the slider form factor reigned and spawned handsets like the D900 and J700.

With a five megapixel camera, GPS and 7.2Mbps connectivity, the Classico may not be a front runner but definitely tries to keep up with the herd in terms of features.

The Mobile Today review consisted of taking it to various salesmen across the country, none of whom seemed particularly enamoured with the dearth of bleeding edge technology.

The lack of a touchscreen, Wi-Fi and an underwhelming 5 megapixel camera seemed quite a sticking point for the review committee, but they did at least think that it had a classic charm and was good to the touch.

All in all, the omission of a memory card and lack of the ‘X’ factor meant the judging panel gave the phone equally middling marks…

We’ll let you know what we think if and when we get our hands on one!

Samsung Tocco Lite Announced For Release In UK!


I know what you’re thinking, “didn’t we just have a new Tocco phone?” Yes, but that was the high end Samsung Tocco Ultra, whilst this new full touch handset is far more directed towards the competitive mid-range sector.

The Samsung Tocco Lite (S5230) may not have 3G connectivity, but everything else about this device screams “touch-tastic”!

A quad-band GSM device, the Tocco Lite has a 3″ WQVGA display (touch, naturally), a 3 megapixel camera, built-in FM radio, microSD slot for up to 8GB of extra memory and Bluetooth/USB connectivity!

The Tocco name has seen great success in the last year for Samsung, let’s hope this handset continues the trend after its May 15th release!

Palm Pre Cheaper To Build Than BlackBerry Storm, iPhone And T-Mobile G1


All eyes are on the Palm Pre at the moment, with many curious to see whether their latest device will mark a phoenix-like ascension from the flames for the smartphone maker, or serve as their epitaph. What is certain to be a huge contributing factor to the handset’s success or failure is the final price.

Too expensive and the phone will never gain traction in the marketplace, too cheap and it might not generate enough cash to dig Palm out of their financial quagmire.

What we do now know courtesy of number crunching research company iSuppli is that the Pre costs around just $138 (£93.50) to manufacture, sailing way below the production costs of competing handsets like the BlackBerry Storm ($203/£137.50), Apple’s iPhone 3G ($174/£117.90) and the T-Mobile G1 ($144/£97.50).

With the internal processor costing $11, memory for 16 bucks and the 3 megapixel camera a mere $12, it seems like the Pre will turn a tidy profit for Palm when it finally comes to market.

iSuppli suggests that the savings are due to the wholesale price for many key components decreasing in recent months, lowering the overall cost.

It might be cheaper to build in terms of individual units, but the immense spend on the Pre’s development, the Web OS operating system and its tremendously aggressive marketing push must far outweigh the savings made on the device’s internal architecture…

We shall see whether Palm’s all-in gamble was worth it when the Pre is released later this year.

Source: Information Week

Samsung i7500 Android Phone Video Looks Exactly As It Sounds…


The first video of the Samsung i7500 probably won’t set the world alight, the phone looks just like it sounds.

It’s an Android phone, with a Samsung logo on the front. And the back.

It’s great to actually see the device being handled and the AMOLED display, 5 megapixel camera and 8GB of memory positions the i7500 firmly in the high end of handsets, but it seems that Google’s Android is almost narrowing the form factor that manufacturers are adopting. You’ve never seen the i7500 and HTC Magic in the same room, have you?

Also, please put a bit of time and energy restyling the Android interface, Samsung! We know you like customisation, the Samsung Omnia HD is unrecognisable as a Symbian phone. The next time I see that clock and (formerly) beautiful landscape on another device, I might just lose it.

It might look like a bit of a chinless Magic, but specs-wise the Samsung i7500 makes the ensuing Android fight very interesting.

Source: Android Community

Orange UK To Open Mini-Outlets In HMV Stores


Orange is getting into the music biz (sort of), sealing a deal with entertainment retailer HMV for concession stands within 15 of their high street outlets.

With a view to opening between 60 and 100 if things go swimmingly, this trial run will include Orange setting up shop within more ‘rural’ branches in Glasgow and Teeside, selling mobile phone deals as well as offering music, movies and games via their online portal.

Orange’s 3G handset sale strategy is well aligned with HMV’s plans, as both are eager to dominate the lucrative space of providing users with downloadable content. Orange are very committed to the move, reportedly bringing in their own staff to run the outlet, as well as paying HMV for the rental of floor space and giving up a share of the revenue.

Orange UK’s CEO is said to have personally negotiated the deal, and is suitably excited about the move:

“‘Moving beyond mobile and into media and entertainment is a key part of our future, and joining forces with such an iconic and well-loved brand as HMV allows us to mark our clear intention in this area, while expanding our presence on the high street.”

The move to sell out of other retail outlets is nothing new, with Vodafone having a store in Harrods and Carphone Warehouse holed up deep within Selfridges.

However, the distinct difference is whilst these are department stores with a vast array of products in their retail space, HMV is distinctly more narrow in terms of both products sold and target demographic.

3 have also tried – and failed – to sell handsets from out of concession stands inside Superdrug and HMV alike, whilst HMV has seen sales shrink amidst the onslaught of digital downloads and cheap deals from online retailers including and Apple’s iTunes.

Perhaps the shoppers Orange and HMV are desperately seeking to court with their online content are already technology savvy enough to seek it elsewhere?

Time will tell.

Source: Mobile Today

iPhone Soon To Get Bad Case Of Worms?

One game that was on an awful lot of wishlists was an update for seminal turn-based tactical shooter Worms.

A title which gained a huge following on the Amiga many moons ago, the unique brand of high powered weaponary, pixellated ultraviolence and amusing voice over work has since been ported to almost every major format…and now it’s coming to the iPhone!

All I need to know is whether it has online multiplayer and when it will be released. They already have my money.