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What Time Is It? It’s LG-GD910 Watch Phone Time!

It looks nice in pictures, but this video for the new LG GD910 watch phone got me very excited. Touch screen control? Decent voice activated options, including voice dialling? Looks like a half-decent watch too? Yes.

Check it out!

How To Install Apps On Your HTC Touch HD / Windows Mobile Phone!

For a lot of new smartphone owners, installing applications is immediately a far more daunting endeavour (and another feather in the cap for that darned iPhone!), but in reality it is quite a painless experience and certainly a great way to get the most out of your mobile device.

Mobile phone website Pocketnow has kindly recorded a quick and easy how-to, explaining how and where to get applications, and also how to install them to your Windows Mobile device!

The apps in question are usually packaged in what are called CAB files, and these files can be transferred from your PC to your phone or downloaded directly though the device in question.

So pay attention to the following video (having turned the sound down in anticipation of the intro music), there will be a test afterwards!

And that’s it! Whilst not the App Store (yet…), it is easy to install a myriad of programs that make your mobile phone life so much easier!

This Mashable Top 20 Windows Mobile list is a good place to start if you want to get installing…good luck!

Gordon Brown’s Mobile Phone Interrupts Own Press Conference…

Gordon Brown’s keynote speech at the World Economic Forum took a lighter turn today when he was rudely interrupted whilst explaining how to fix the global economy…by his phone ringing.

“I’m afraid that’s my phone”, Brown said, embarrassed, and politely replyed “I’m not telling you!” when questioned who was calling by a brave journo.

In a world where the President of the US needs a super-secure BlackBerry, it was nice to know that Brown was rocking a dependable old Nokia, complete with signature monophonic ringtone!

Check out the video below!

Apple Planning “V.I.P.” Premium Games Section In App Store?


According to, Apple is set to introduce a premium titles section of the App Store, where higher priced (and presumably higher quality) games from large publishers will reside.

The price of entry to the VIP section? $19.99 a game.

A wise move from both Apple’s perspective as well the top flight publishers, and symbolises their efforts in positioning the iPhone as a legitimate contender in the handheld market against dedicated machines. Large publishers get their big budget titles placed on a pedestal instead of drowning in a sea of $0.99 detritus, and that higher pricepoint means more money hats for everyone!

Will be interesting to see who makes the cut, as games like Trism were the brainchild of a few dudes, with quality rivalling anything the big boys had to offer…

What do you guys think? Will you pay £15 for a really good game on the iPhone, or is it just the home for gimmicky impulse purchases? Let us know in the mobile phone forum!

Buying Payback stung a little for me today, and that was just £3.99…

iPhone Games And The App Store Phenomenon : The Interview


An excellent insight into Apple’s way of revolutionising mobile gaming is up on video games site Kikizo, with an interview with the Vice President of iPod and iPhone product marketing Greg Joswiak.

With almost 6,000 apps available (of which 1,500 are games) and over 200 million apps downloaded, Apple recognises this as being big business.

Insightful comments regarding pricing, little developer start-ups versus the big boys like EA and how he percieves the iPhone is a ‘magical object’ are within.

Check out the full interview here.

Gameloft Game Sales Make €110 Million in 2008


Gameloft seems to be buoyantly riding out this economic storm with full year revenues of €110.3 million, an increase of 15% on last year. Their position as the number one mobile game maker has been cemented by their vast array of titles and high quality conversions of established licences.

Q4 was particularly successful, making €33.8 million with mobile game sales up 18%.

In terms of planetary breakdown Europe took the lion’s share with 43% of sales, the US grabbing 30% and the rest of the world handling the remaining 27%.

In terms of branching out into the home console world with downloadable games, Gameloft has seen some success, with 7% of their total annual sales coming from this new revenue stream.

The full 2008 details for Gameloft will be released on March 19th, when we will finally find out exactly how much iPhone App sales have contributed to their increased profits…

Source: Mobile Entertainment

Payback: Grand Theft Auto For iPhone? Almost…


Apex Designs’ game Payback is more of a love photocopy than a love letter to seminal crime franchise Grand Theft Auto, but that is hardly a bad thing…

Originally a release for the Gameboy Advance and ill-fated GP2X, Payback is the product of over a decade of development immediately conjuring flashbacks of the original GTA, down to the top down perspective, cartoony ultraviolence and ‘amusingly’ named vehicles. Now it is available to play on everyone’s least expected format, the Apple iPhone.

With 11 cities(!) to explore and a myriad of mission types, it seems a lot deeper than your average iPhone title.

Payback for the iPhone has undergone some cosmetic and technical advancements which hides its Amiga origins, and is shaping up to be a healthy alternative to Rockstar’s finest for those looking to get their carjacking fix whilst on the train…

Early App Store reviews have been favourable, and the £3.99 pricetag is perfect for an impulsive buy. Our only reservations are about the input mechanism, as virtual buttons at the edge of the screen are always fiddly, and the hulking great 221MB file size…

Check out this video of Payback on the iPhone below!

Wooo..KDD brings out 3D phones

Japan are always one step ahead tech-wise.

They’ve had mobile phone wallets that let you pay for things with your phone for a while. It’s peculiar to see someone scanning a phone over a vending machine before they walk away with the contents. It’s a bit like stepping into the future or an episode of the Jetsons .

So, it makes sense that the stakes are always that bit higher with new gadget releases.


The new Ketai Hoo1 has an 3.1 inch hinged screen, named after it’s manufacturer Woo, that can display pictures and video content in 3D along with a button on the phone that takes you to a dedicated channel streaming 3D content over an integraetd 1Seg receiver.

Wooo for Woo.

Nokia 6700 Classic: High End Handset, Attractive Price!


Top of the release announcement tree is the Nokia 6700 Classic, a phone which has ideas, and specs, far above its station!

The 6700 Classic is equipped with super-fast 10Mbps 3G connectivity, a 5 megapixel camera and built-in GPS with Nokia Maps. MicroSD card support is up to 8GB meaning tons of space to dump your pictures and music, whilst the classic candybar design is given a luxurious twist with metallic accenting.

The 6700 Classic has a talktime of 5 hours and 300 hours standby, and will be out during Q2 at a cost of €235 (£206).

Nokia 6303 Classic : Style And Substance In A Single Package


The Nokia 6303 Classic has been announced recently, offering a mid-range handset in a slinky package alongside a wealth of great features!

With a stainless steel body, a 16 million colour display, 3 megapixel camera (fixed focus, unforunately), and Nokia maps built-in, the 6303 is a decent addition to Nokia’s portable portfolio. The 6303′s talents lie in a robust online browser and an impressive talktime of seven hours.

A little more costly than the Nokia 2700 Classic, the 6303 will cost around £125 on Prepay deals at launch.