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Nokia N96 Interactive Demo!

Here it is, some virtual entertainment for you N96 lovers out there! An in-depth guide for every single facet of the new media monster, from how to take out the SIM to watching TV on it. Feast! Gorge! Enjoy! There’s plenty of meat on these bones to go around…

Only caveat, do be quick as who’s to say how long the demo will be up for. It seems to be hidden down the back of the interweb’s sofa, but Symbian Freak was clever enough to fish it out. Looks pretty good!

What’s In A Mobile Phone Name?

Whilst we were sure that Nokia’s steam-powered Differential Engine was on the blink when it spewed forth classic numbers like the 7210 and 6650 for the second time, apparently there is an elaborate science as opposed to a tombola for naming new phones.

Thanks in large part to the awesome resource for research that Wikipedia is, the Gadget Blog has shone light on the algorithms that go into choosing a number. The conventions that Sony Ericsson and Nokia utilise to stratify their mobile phones are looked at in detail, showing the difference between minutiae like a W850a and a W850i.

How interesting the article gets after the jump depends on how far down the rabbit hole you are prepared to go…

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The ShapeShifter Concept Phone

Usually, concept phone images look like the product of a designer’s worst fever dream, but this one is very different.

ShapeShifter is a gorgeous idea from the mind of designer Rune Larson. The concept behind it is that the phone will consist of two layers of plastic, one being fluid whilst the other is solid, yet filled with (an as yet undisclosed) liquid. As such, when the liquid is pushed between the layers, different shapes are created on the handset’s surface.

This results in an insanely awesome phone, which could manipulate its entire form according to the function required. A simple touch of the screen creating both physical and visual changes is a brilliant idea, and one that would change things in an already tumultuous market.

Despite the prevalent Nokia branding, it is important that we reiterate it is a concept, and some ways off from reality. Also, would the market leader ever make such a bold change from their original handsets? We can’t remember the last Nokia that couldn’t be recognised as such from space. This outlandish Matrix inspired effort is beautiful, but practical or even feasible with today’s technology? Not so much.

Love it? Loathe it? Let it out in the handset section of the forums.

Sexy fantasy phone pics follow…

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MMS For iPhone 3G?

Breaking news! Apple has heard our plea for some decent iPhone 3G features! Boy Genius Report has heard word of an AT&T internal memo doing the rounds, listing off new iPhone functionality. Amongst these modern conveniences, multimedia messaging!

Finally, iPhone owners will be able to send text messages containing photos, video and audio to one another. Obviously the old school method of sending snaps directly to an e-mail address exists, but this update could mean some hot iPhone-on-iPhone action. Unfortunately, there has been no mention of a date of release at this time.

Hopefully this will be a software as opposed to a hardware revision, as it would otherwise leave the iPhone 1.0 kids out of the loop something terrible.

Another interesting point, if this memo does make mention of video messaging, then it could mean video recording is also on the way… Oh joyous day! Finally the iPhone’s specs will be equal to the might of the Nokia 3110!

Yes…that image above is of yet another homebrew solution called Swirly MMS that nefarious iPhone unlockers have been enjoying for the last six months. Ironically, on the same day that Apple’s intentions are leaked, Swirly have unveiled their final release for the princely sum of $8. Enjoy MMS now or later, the good thing is that it’s here!

Nokia Announces Brand Spankin’ New Supernova Range

Nokia 7210
The Nokia 7210

The Nokia Supernova range includes the 7610, 7510, 7310 and 7210. Clearly aimed at the ladies (although Nokia claim they are also suitable for “style conscious men”), the Nokia 7610, 7510 and 7310 devices feature Xpress-On covers in a variety of hues and textures. The 7210 lacks the Xpress-On covers, but you can get it in ‘bubble gum pink’ or ‘vivid blue’. Which is nice.

Does the Nokia Supernova range live up to its name? Yes, the phones are comparatively bright, but will they unleash a burst of radiation capable of briefly outshining a whole galaxy? Let’s hope so.

You can read more about the features of each handset in Nokia’s press release. More images after ze jump.

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A Tale of Two iPhones : Differences Between iPhone And iPhone3G

In light of the unofficial release of the o2 Pay As You Go pricing for the iPhone 3G, we thought it would be a good time to see if the young pretender has what it takes to wrestle the crown from the current champ.

o2 was kind enough to briefly display prospective numbers for the iPhone 3G on their site, which was at the expected price point of £300 for the 8GB and fifty quid more to double up on memory. These were promptly yoinked unceremoniously off the page, perhaps they were testing the waters to see industry reaction?

Using our patented Omio ‘Compare Phone’ feature, we stand the iPhone 3G next to its predecessor to see what magic the Apple camp has weaved in the past year.

See the iPhone Comparison in Depth.

More detailed analysis follows…

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ROKR Review!

Thanks to the lovely folks at Motorola we’ve had a chance to rock out with the ROKR E8 before it’s network wide release on July 1st, and it’s not a bad l’il phone! Despite being a tad basic and lacking in some much needed 3G whizzyness, Motorola’s combination of music player and mobile seems to tick the boxes for people who want to leave their iPod in the drawer. It’s already out on Orange, with the other networks to follow soon. Be sure to have a look at our review on the site, see what we really thought of it!

In the meantime, here are a few images taken from the E8′s stay in Omio Towers to whet your appetite…

Any questions about the ROKR, or anything mobile-related as a matter of fact, don’t hesitate to ask us in the ‘Q & A’ section of the mobile phone forum!

PSP Phone For Real This Time?

Kicking to the curb one-time sweetheart Ericsson, word has it that Sony are going it alone with a full-on PSP phone. Much more of a concerted effort than the gaming centred but simple F305, Marketing Week reports that this new PSPhone could hit as soon as Xmas 2009!

Sources say that work is underway, with Japanese and Korean devs sawing off the PSP’s legs and stuffing it inside a mobile phone. Apparently, the wi-fi capabilities and graphical hardware could be fairly easily integrated to a more compact device.

With the PSP brand successful yet somewhat stagnant, analysts think this could be the shot in the arm that Sony needs. After admitting that developing the PS3 tech cost them over £2 billion, they need all the money-spinning ideas they can get.

So why no PSPhone already? Industry execs say that Sony really regretted the ‘strategic error’ of relinquishing control of their Walkman name, with Sony Ericsson attaching it to a line of underwhelming phones, and as a consequence will not do the same with their strong Playstation brand. Apparently the joint venture of Sony and Ericsson has become strained of late, with attempts to regain ground in the mobile phone industry having varied degrees of success.

Perhaps the Sony phone could mark a turnaround for the troubled Japanese manufacturer…

BlackBerry Bold Bad Battery Delays?

On the one hand, BlackBerry have recently released a new video showcasing how pretty the new user interface for their great white phone, the Bold, was going to be. Little did we know that they were just sweetening people up for the sucker punch that it isn’t coming out in the US until mid-August. August. Meaning we Brits will be deep in our cold, cold graves before it sees the light of day on our fair continent.

AT&T, the service provider that will be handling the BlackBerry Bold, has been said to have put the brakes on the smartphone‘s July release, citing battery life issues. Oh, and that it has a tendency to overheat. And the software is currently unreliable. Many think it due to the new 3G capabilities proving difficult to integrate without a knock to performance.

With a handset that was close to launch, the news obviously hasn’t gone down well with legions of loyal fans and shareholders alike. With their earning report being downscaled accordingly, it seems like this rumour from Boy Genius Report has some weight to it.

Oddly enough, the Bold isn’t too hot or malfunctioning to meet the July release date in Canada, the home of makers RIM. It isn’t like the iPhone 3G needed less competition ahead of launch, and now giving Apple a one month head start in the lucrative business sector could prove disastrous.

Hell Phone

While the “mobile phones can make popcorn explode!” viral was a nice attempt, this example from No-Evil is even better. You have may have already seen it, since it’s been out since May 31st, but I’d hate to deprive anyone of the sight of it.

The only thing scarier is the stupidity in the flood of Youtube comments.